Test and measurement products of 800G technologies,
platforms for testing OpenRAN architectures and 5G Network Emulator


AMPERCOM provides its customers with a technical support team capable of fulfilling all requests. Our support can offer the right expertise for 800G technology test and measurement products, platforms for testing OpenRAN architectures, 5G Network Emulator, and more

The activities offered by technical support are as follows:

  1. Telephone support: This is usually the first contact where we receive the description of the request and provide the first answers;
  2. Remote support: If possible, a connection is established to the customer's PC or smartphone to check the subject of the request and try to resolve any problems;
  3. On-Site support: If it is not possible to solve the problem remotely, we organize on-site interventions;
  4. Consultancy: Thanks to our experience, we work side by side with our customers to recommend the best solutions

AMPERCOM offers its customers a remote support service via TeamViewer software that allows our technicians to access your systems and operate as if they were actually in front of your PC or Smartphone, allowing you to drastically reduce intervention times.

Simply connect with one of our technicians and all the troubleshooting and fixing of the problem will take place independently.



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