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AMPERCOM follows the introduction of Analytics solutions into your company step by step, allowing projects to be tailored to your needs and allowing them to be adapted during the project implementation.

The use of Analytics solutions makes it possible to:

  • Consolidate, manage and exploreimportant data from multiple sources (ERP systems, CRM, data warehousing, SQL databases, Excel files and web documents) in a single application;
  • Transforming data into unambiguous information;
  • Visualise data easily and at a glance;
  • Interacting with data through dynamic applications and dashboards;
  • Access information and reports from any mobile device;
  • Perform customized analyses using both historical data and predictive models.

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Ampercom WiWay is a system based on our own hardware and software that can monitor and guarantee the operation of Wi-Fi networks. WiWay is able to emulate the behaviour of users on the Wi-Fi network and veri...
The potential of data
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Visual Analytics tools allow you to harness the potential of your data without the need to be a technical expert or data scientist, so that the vast amount of information you have can be analysed according t...



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