New fusion splicer

Test & Measurement

New TYPE-71C+ fusion splicer with SumiCloud.

The concept behind this enhanced unit is the same as that of its prestigious predecessor, the T-71C: “ultra-fast splicing in any environment”.

Compact, lightweight, robust and durable, the T-71C+ provides faster splicing and reduced shrinkage time. In fast mode, the T-71C+ achieves splicing and shrinking times of 6 and 14 seconds respectively. It is also equipped with Sumitomo Electric’s original “two independent heaters” and “touch screen control panel” for easy and productive operation.

Finally, the T-71C+ offers users wireless LAN connectivity (*1) to improve productivity and resource management. The wireless LAN enables a connection between the T-71C+ and Sumitomo Electric’s SumiCloudTM system through an Android smart-phone app. Through this dedicated app, T-71C+ users can take advantage of a variety of benefits, including User Help Tools and Splice Data Management services.

Sumitomo Electric is using its 30 years of experience in designing and manufacturing world-class splicers to launch the new T-71C+ and SumiCloudTM service to the industry. The T-71C+ and SumiCloudTM initiate a totally new splicing experience.

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