Spirent Velocity Framework

Spirent now offers the leading Lab as a Service (LaaS) and Test as a Service (TaaS) solutions. This white paper describes the speed framework in detail. It explains how your organisation can build on each component of the Framework so that your organisation can achieve its time-to-market and quality goals while reducing costs. Velocity Framework enhances DevOps workflows with continuous testing across all testbeds.

The Framework is designed and architected according to 4 Build It Smart (BIS) imperatives. They are:

  • Built-in simplicity: customisable, specially designed LaaS/TaaS core services allow your developers to efficiently customise for your organisation’s needs;
  • Built-in speed: dynamic and on-demand test environments can be delivered quickly and reliably;
  • Built-in savings: leverage Spirent’s 100+ person-year investment in customisable software services. Build only what you need to create your LaaS/TaaS experience;
  • Built-in scalability: Velocity platform scales up to meet your testing capacity needs

Request the white paper from business@ampercom.com to learn more about how Spirent’s Velocity Framework will help your organisation apply BIS principles to increase quality and achieve time-to-market gains while optimising engineering efficiency.



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