MeterLinq MeterProbe 169MHz


169 MHz radio coverage measurement system (UNI TS 11291)

Description (preliminary)
MeterLinq MeterProbe is a system designed for measurement and verification of transmission power by gas metering groups (gas smart meters) operating on PM1 interface at 169 MHz frequency with MBUS mode N (EN13757) wireless protocol, as prescribed by UNI TS 11291.

MeterProbe can be used to verify the effective coverage by 169 MHz gateways for gas smart metering and the reachability of smart metering groups.

The values obtained from MeterProbe measurement campaigns are also used to update predictive models for network planning by the technical departments of gas distribution companies (subject to this activity according to AEEG Resolution 115/08), telecommunications operators and system integrators.

The MeterProbe system consists of two elements:

  • GateSim: a gateway simulator in compliance with UNI TS 11291; powered by rechargeable batteries, it can be interfaced with a personal computer for the computer for the configuration and download of the measurement campaigns. A GateSim can manage up to 4 (four) MeterProbes simultaneously in the same measurement campaign;
  • MeterProbe:a radio probe with smart meter gas simulation functions; powered by rechargeable batteries, it has a logging capacity of 1024 points per campaign.

To carry out a measurement campaign with MeterProbe it is sufficient to identify one or more candidate sites for the installation of the gateway/concentrator.

The GateSim module is positioned on the chosen site and can be configured, using a simple application for PC or tablet, for the measurement campaign on one or more specific channels of the protocol
wMBUS mode N protocol, and for a variable duration from 1 to 8 hours.

Once the measurement campaign has been set up, the operator can position himself at the points where the smart meters are installed or will be installed and take measurements of the RSSI (Received signal strength indication) in dBm.

The measurements carried out are transmissions and receptions that use the wMBUS protocol for the transfer of payloads formatted according to the specifications of the UNI TS 11291 standard, faithfully replicating the behaviour of a gas smart meter.

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