ADVA launches the first compact grandmaster watch with multi-band GNSS receiver

ADVA (FSE: ADV) today launched its OSA 5405-MB, the industry’s first ultra-compact outdoor PTP grandmaster clock with an integrated multi-band GNSS receiver and antenna.

Part of the OSA 5405 series of intelligent synchronisation devices for indoor or outdoor installation, the OSA 5405-MB ensures timing accuracy by eliminating the impact of ionospheric delay variation.

This enables communications service providers (CSPs) and enterprises to provide the nanosecond accuracy needed for 5G fronthaul and other emerging time-sensitive applications.

The multi-band GNSS receiver and integrated antenna enable the OSA 5405-MB to meet PRTC-B accuracy requirements (+/- 40nsec) even in harsh conditions.

For the first time, the technology is available in an edge timing device with a small footprint, helping operators achieve unprecedented accuracy and reliability when deploying wide area small cell networks.



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