Nova Analytics


Nova Analytics provides end-to-end analysis of the services and quality perceived by telecommunications operators’ customers.

It is a real-time monitoring, analysis and troubleshooting solution for multi-technology mobile networks (2G, 3G, 4G and 5G).

Nova reduces OPEX and CAPEX, optimises end-to-end network performance and improves quality of service and subscriber satisfaction. With unbiased visibility into network performance, phone behaviour and service usage, Nova meets the requirements of multiple teams.

Optimise OPEX and CAPEX Drive End-to-end service quality.

Nova is a fully virtualised solution that integrates detailed information from call traces, probes, CRM, billing, etc. to make the most of big data.

With Nova, operators can detect, correlate, analyse, report, geo-localise and resolve issues related to network performance, phone behaviour and service usage.


  • Award-winning, state-of-the-art geolocation tool;
  • Vendor-independent solution providing unbiased visibility across key quality and performance indicators;
  • End-to-end, from radio to core;
  • Big data ready and data independent (call traces, survey data, CRM, billing, third parties);
  • Fully virtualised;
  • Award-winning NFV service assurance solution recognised by Network Virtualization Europe;
  • Pre-configured use cases including churn rate prediction, customer segmentation and advanced QoE metrics;
  • Professional services backed by strong expertise in telecommunications, data science and NFV

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