Ensuring the evolution of 5G with our solutions

We are about to enter the era of 5G, with incredibly high speeds, wide coverage density, large area traffic capacity and ultra-low latency. 5G is more than just an evolution of 4G, it is a radical step forward that will dramatically improve mobile broadband services and enhance the Internet of Things (IoT), enabling connectivity to billions of global devices.

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iLOQ S50 Programmable electromechanical lock cylinder without battery!

Ampercom and iLOQ provide intelligent and secure access to the buildings and spaces we use every day and meet the needs of industry and the utility sector with mobile and digital solutions for efficient access sharing and management. We are industry-leading innovators with a strong portfolio of secure and sustainable products designed to make life easier!

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Reduce Opex costs with SkyRAN!

Ampercom has successfully installed EXFO’s first SkyRAN in Italy! The application will allow operators to discover any RF interference in real time, resolve any malfunctioning before customers are impacted, all remotely allowing important OPEX cost savings and with an ROI of less than 12 months!

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Business security that makes business sense: Usher!

Usher is an enterprise security solution that offers the best combination of security and convenience for accessing digital and physical assets. Usher replaces physical badges, passwords and security tokens with secure digital badges delivered via a smartphone. While providing location-based biometric authentication, Usher also generates critical back-end information about user behaviour and resource usage that can be used to manage your organisation more effectively.

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WiWay by Ampercom now perform TWAMP active testing!

TWAMP (Two Way Active Measurement Protocol) test initially establishes a Control Channel between the nodes using TCP/UDP port 862 and after that a traffic channel is opened. TWAMP test is used to measure two-way delay between endpoints and, at the same time, it calculates one-way delay and delay variation (PDV).

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Big Data Analytics – Decision support tools

Each market sector has its own specificities. Ampercom provides expertise and analytical solutions in all strategic business areas. Whatever your business processes, the size and availability of your data to be analysed, we can design and implement together with you the analytical tools that will simplify and make your strategic decisions faster and more effective!

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2019 collection

Let’s face it, no look is really complete without the right finishes. Not to the best of standards, anyway (just tellin’ it like it is, babe). Upgrading your shoe game. Platforms, stilettos, wedges, mules, boots—stretch those legs next time you head out, then rock sliders, sneakers, and flats when it’s time to chill.