Usher is an enterprise security solution that offers the best combination of security and convenience for accessing digital and physical assets. Usher replaces physical badges, passwords, and security tokens with secure digital badges delivered via a smartphone. While providing biometric, location-based authentication, Usher also generates critical back-end information on user behavior and resource usage that can used to more effectively run your organization.
Ampercom is continuing its expansion project and signs an important new commercial collaboration agreement with Expandium, which will allow it to direct its offer to new customers in the railway sector and integrate that of big data analysis Solutions for Telecommunication operators!Expandium has in its portfolio innovative solutions for monitoring telecommunications networks using the latest big data technologies. The Solutions are addressed to public and railway operators that allow immediate resolution of any problems and optimization of network infrastructures through CEM and SQM designed for R4, 2G, 3G, LTE, VoLTE and VoIP8 technologies (for MNO) and GSM-R, ETCS and FRMCS…
This test is compliant with RFC5357. TWAMP test initially establishes a Control Channel between the nodes using TCP/UDP port 862 and after that a traffic channel is opened. TWAMP test is used to measure two-way delay between endpoints and, at the same time, it calculates one-way delay and delay variation (PDV). TWAMP tests can be performed between one WiWay probe and server or between WiWay probes in any configuration.
Tuesday, 18 July 2017 10:52

WiWay SA Platform for Wi-Fi

Unique, Low-Cost Wi-Fi Assurance Solution -High Performance, HW-based probe to emulate User Experience -Data and Video customizable emulation capabilities -Remote, Full control of functionalities -Low Cost Dashboard and Reporting Tool -Local and remote Data Storage -OS Debian GNU/Linux Automatic Trouble Ticket Management on Platform or as a Service -Fully automated trouble ticket opening and closing capabilities -Detailed timing and trouble shooting report SLA Verifier -Verify conformance of Service Level Agreement (SLA) -Real time alarming system Wi-Fi Survelliance -24x7 Automated Quality of Experience (QoE) -Resources and application avalabilities -Accessibility and Reliability -Multiple Wi-Fi Network assurance with one probe -Layer 4-7 testing…
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